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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 29, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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five elementary schools and the oakland unified school district is not over. this is video from last night's school board meeting were several protesters arrested. dozens back to the hallway before the meeting. >> she can barely speak over the podium, but her message to the oakland unified school board was loud and clear. did not close our schools. >> this five year old was among several members fighting to keep five schools open. >> if they cannot do the right thing, we will. we're going to defend our schools. >> those calls were voted to be close last october. >> which use them for another to occasional for this or use them to death in a revenue that we can then redirect remaining schools.
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>> eased at 700 million to improve it, lease it to another school and then sell the product, that is susceptible. >>pam: intense moments when student protesters to set it on the uc regents' meeting. there were discussing a new tax initiative that would bring more money to public universities. students are upset because that money will not be used to bring down to some costs. >> we had a 3 percent tuition increase. we cannot afford to keep paying that much. the state wants to use all of that money to accelerate
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bond payments to wall street. we should not be paying new revenue to wall street. we should be rolling back tuition hikes. >> students from also police moved in and arrested protesters for refusing to vacate the building. >>jaqueline: satellite and radar shows spotty showers. a lot more shower coverage to the north. here is a look at future cast. the rain is to the north by noon and sagging towards the north bay into the 8:00 hour. it is going to continue to move down to the bay area overnight.
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we will finish the timing things out. >>pam: facebook is forcing fan pages to switch over to the new time live look. >> we are calling it time line. >>gabe: many facebook users have avoided switching over to timeline. i have spoken with a lot of people about timeline, the general consensus is, most people prefer not to switch over to timeline but most users are going to have and will they use to eventually. there are users out there that very much dislike the time line interface and are threatening to cancel their facebook accounts when the change becomes mandatory.
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there are users who fled to do this one time one is forced on them, logging into their facebook through the mobile outlook. the mobile facebook interface is closer to the traditional facebook profile. let's clear this up, the deadline for facebook fan page to change to the timeline is friday, march 30th. if a fan page has not changed over by then, it will happen automatically. private profile pages do not have a deadline get his face that has now revealed when they will make it mandatory for youths with over five life give these share with us half field. do you like time line? are you avoiding it? steve here are the way
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questions or send me an e- mail. >>gary: coming up later, stanford wins the national championship on the men's side and are going after one on the women's side. teal caring kept with carson palmer. that is coming up later. and " [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>>kimberlee: a lot of changes were showed off at at&t par. there is a news more's sandwich that was unveiled. it features a huge marshmallows and garrett belly chocolate. another menu items are a chicken pot pie and a lamp hamburgers. concession kiosks will be moved to the are walls and abc-tv's are being installed. in 2011 a multi-year marketing partnership was signed in the virgin america. check this out. the airline president and ceo unveil an airplane that
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features a giant logo. it will launch a disservice with nationwide flights starting april 7th. >>jaqueline: on saturday there rain will be approaching, we we timing that out and the minutes.
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>>pam: coming up at 8:30 p.m., we're learning the connection between the suspected killer and his victims. >>reggie: people are standing in line that stretches around this building justify a mecca millions lottery ticket. coming up, i will tell you how many winning tickets have been sold here at cavanagh liquors, known as the state's largest retailer. >>pam: there are several local chefs up for the prestigious james beard award. vicki liviakis sits down with two of them coming up.
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>>pam: possible new clothes in the case of sierra lamar for morgan hill. she was last seen march 16th. she vanished on her way to school. today, investigators found a box marked handcuffs along with to use condoms.
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volunteers searched fields increase looking for her to date. the santa clara sheriff's office is investigating more than 600 tips received. those chips are being tracked at the sheriff's department emergency operations center. crews say they map out every e-mail and phone call received and then it is analyzed. friends and family gathered in fremont. they held a candlelight vigil at holy spirit church. stay with kron4 as we continue to follow the search for sierra. >>pam: the same day that the man accused of killing five is in court for his arraignment, new details on his possible connection to the victims. >>alejandra: kron4 has learned that the suspect in that one of the victims were acquaintances and that they regularly played mahjong together, a popular to sort gate he played as a gambling game.
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this source tells kron4 that there was possibly a debt between the two. the suspect has been forced were in wait for the violence homicides. the source says the two also knew one another from working in construction. kron4 news has learned that vincent's wife, but to married recently in las vegas and lake here at home with vincent's. who were all sober. this source says that on her cellphone was the suspect's phone number. in addition, sources tell kron4 news that it was the 12 year-old granddaughter who was the vincents knees, who discovered the bloody racine. she reportedly comes to the home often to stay and has her own key. she lives in nearby with her mother. sources say ever since the mass murder, the two have been in seclusion.
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>>pam: the suspected killer was in court today. our team coverage continues with maureen kelly who was there when he entered the courtroom. >>maureen: the mass murder suspect walked in wearing orange prison uniform with his hands shackled and his eyes downward. the judge did not allow the media to photograph his face with the accused killer did not appear to display any emotion. a new lawyer was appointed for the defendant who was given time to meet with his client alone. outside the courtroom he described their conversation. he understands what is going on. obviously he is concerned about getting the best representation indian. >> his new lawyer asked that the agreement be postponed saying that he needed time to review the numerous charges. five counts of murder with special circumstances. when the judge asked the
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suspect that is what he wanted, he replied yes, in a clear voice. it is the one and only time they spoke during the proceedings. there were some people in the court room that looked like they could be connected to the case, but denied knowing the suspect or the victims. the suspect remains behind bars and his next of rain in date has been scheduled as next thursday. >>pam: of mountain view police are looking for a man who tried to lure a girl had an tormentors' school. the girl was walking to class when she saw the man depicted here. when she walked past, the man lunged at her. she was able to make it back to class safely and he was seen running away from school. police have increased patrols and an encouraging care to stick one of the children about being aware
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of strangers. san leandro police say they fell a man who committed a violent sexual attack last week on bridge road. the following day, police found the suspect's video and arrested this man on drug charges. they then matched his dna to evidence collected at the earlier crime scene. he is now facing rape, burglary and other felony charges. >>jaqueline: we have seen a few showers around our state. as we head into tomorrow, cloudy and mild conditions would temperatures in the low 50s. into the afternoon, the wind will be picking up. a chance of rain in the north bay in the evening. here is a look at your highs for tomorrow, on the warmer side in some places. it will be cool along the coast. we'll have more on the rain
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in your sierra forecast coming up. >>pam: rick santorum is here in the bay area at a fund- raising event in out of. jeff bush has more. jeff >> i am standing here on king's canyon road. cars are lined up on both sides of the street. there is a private residence hosting a fund raiser for rick santorum. santorum was in fairfield earlier at the jelly belly factory and greeted by hundreds of supporters. santorum compared himself several times to ronald reagan and it took several swipes at mitt romney. >> took care of every civil pro-life a fight. i was leading the charge.
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governor romney was contributing money out of his own the checkbook to planned parenthood. i was fighting those fights iran as a strong freud's to his candidate. the president of united states was for an off-camera to the president of russia about what issues? national missile defense. star wars. if reagan's legacy in protecting our country. seventh >>pam: and for the shooting death of treyvon martin. an eyewitness has come for assaying the admitted shooter, george zimmerman, but this did not dare to be hurt affixes and the hall to be a market. zimmerman is brother is
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speaking out in his defense. >> to people are now speaking out of the treyvon martin shooting. the brother of george zimmerman and an eyewitness who claims to have been watching with a fatal gunshot went off. >> when the cost people on the ground? >> they were not. >> the eyewitness says of fog as the court love voices before the scuffle and that a gunshot. that it was dark. >> the police report says george zimmerman was injured but the eye witness tells another story.
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>> he did not appear hurt or anything else. >> robert zimmerman has a different camp. >> : get a gun and shoot him is not what happened. what george told us was the truth, you stop someone from disarming him if shooting him. this mythology that he chased a person is an absence of the falls. he did not chase in and habit >> these are two more counts of the incident that cannot be confirmed. the >> coming up, lot of people. we will tell you how to dance is a striking it rich in the met the stallions lottery.
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in >>grant: it keeps getting
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bigger and bigger. the drawing is tomorrow night. the largest ever mega millions jackpot is now up to $540 million. stores can hardly a printed tickets fast enough as a the jackpot ballooned from 500 million to 540 million. that is over a half billion. lines are long and people are thinking big. one person purchased 50 tickets. >>reggie: the average wait time is about an hour. this is just to get inside the store. i will fast-forward to the start of the line that stretches to the end of the building.
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the store manager says of the lines are long because they have sold five a winning lottery tickets here. >> record sales, of course of 50,000. >> the manager here says they plan to stay open late. the odds of winning the jackpot is one in one of 76 million. reggie kumar, kron4 news. >>grant: check out the mega millions stage on our web site and feel free to comment in and send in pictures of your lottery experience. our facebook fan page has all that stuff. we are in uncharted territory. >>pam: the oakland a's salvage a split with the
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mariners in tokyo. plus, the cardinals proved that they are the best of the rest. gary will explain. when he
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>>pam: several local chefs are on the short list for the upcoming james beard award. vicki liviakis profiles and two of them in this week's edition of the nine in the dish.
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>>vicki: a james beard nomination is a big deal for any shaft. let me congratulate you on the nomination. >> they give. >>vicki: this shaft is an author of six cookbooks. , it is premature to crack open the champagne, but these famous wine country culinary traditions are on the short list for the prestigious award. four out of five nominees for the best chef in the pacific are bay area chefs. >>vicki: the bay area is getting a lot of attention this time around. >> some of the best food in the country is in the bay area, hands down. look at the talent and the people involved, the products and entrepreneurial spirit are above what is happening in other cities. >> this is the epicenter of
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where some really starts. we're in the middle of the best ingredients. >>vicki: it is more than ingredients that the these chefs in the running. it is a talent contest, after all. >> diners and critics appreciate it. >>vicki: will go to your head? >> i do not think so. good luck to all of mineshaft friends out there. >>vicki: the james beard show is on may 7th. to find out more, visit the kron4 web site and click on sign in the dish. >>jaqueline: we have seen a few light showers around the north bay, right now it is slow going near places like santa rosa. the big grain that we're waiting for is only going to come this weekend. it is still sitting to the north and has been pretty much stagnant all day today and will stay that way into tomorrow as well.
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as we head into saturday, that is one it will start rolling in. this is the main front, it will raise through the bay area. by 9:00 p.m., already over the delta. by 10:00 p.m. moving into the inland valleys. into the 11:00 hour it is rushing into the diablo range. into the afternoon, once the main front pushes through we will have the possibility of thunderstorms. in the north bay by the 2:00 hour into the afternoon and spreading south into the 4:00 hour on saturday. as for the snow, it will not be selling tomorrow at all in the sierra. at lake level, 3-6 in. of snow with up to 1-2 ft. in a higher elevations. still a lingering chance of snow into sunday. the storm is certainly bringing some cold air with
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it. a look your extended forecast, a chance of related tomorrow evening. mostly, we will stay dry tomorrow. it is on saturday that will have rain with a chance of pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. conditions will improve into sunday and most of next week will be dry. a slight chance of rain wednesday and thursday. the >>gary: good evening, the stanford men are champs in the nit tournament. take a listen to break the laws. >> do whatever you're going to do to layer foundation and make whatever market are going to make, whenever legacy you are going to leave. leave your legacy. >>gary: that israel as from the baltimore ravens. if you bet me $1,000 that he would show up at stanford and i would have said yes right. he is a friend and assistant
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coach. it is the final game of his illustrious 44 year coaching career, from stanford just pounded minnesota tonight. johnny dawkins team, they did not qualify for the 68 team ncaa field but they went in and won five games in the nit. stanford finished 26-11. it is their third national title. the women's squad is on their way to denver. if you another practice has been concentrating on how to start the powerhouse off 6 ft. 8 in britain the grinder. she is the star for a defeated baylor. they meet sunday night around 6:00 p.m.. van der last won an ncaa
8:50 pm
crown 20 years ago. this is her fifth straight campaign. >> it is not just ho-hum, here is another final four. i told our team this story, we first on the final four in 1990, i did not think anything to top the feeling of going to the final four. i told the team how special it is. it is an amazing accomplishment and we're really proud. >>gary: we're looking forward to sunday. this has to make you chuckle a little bit. the fanfare accompanying the final four floor being delivered in a war months, they have a marching bands, we will not actually show you the floor, but that is the truck as it back in. kentucky, louisville, ohio state and kansas on the men's side. the oakland a's are on their way home from tokyo, opening
8:51 pm
their regular season 1-1. >>gary: ichiro was 0-4. sespidis was the one they are counting on. his first major-league home run. the oakland athletics are going to win a four-one. the game ended up for 20 7:00 a.m.. good luck if you got up and saw the game.
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we had e-mail's from people asking, what is the matter with you? girls can look young and still sell beer. i will say this very pleasantly because sometimes i overdo it. >>pam: your speaking like a father, that is live. >>gary: i overreacted to the young girls selling beer, maybe that is the father and me. my favorite female was,
8:53 pm
maybe you were drinking tonight for razzing those girls. what is the matter with people? >>gary: the giants had a preseason get together today. the giants have offer between 90-100. get where you can get, but do not blame the owners. there it is. with the dodgers on the new ownership, maybe cain can get more. when we come back, a sterile ones playing catch with the raiders.
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>>gary: in a southern california, carson pommard and dairy is a word are spending the off-season playing catch, tarot olin's showed up. --terrrell owens showed up. he looks good with his shirt off, but he has a lot of
8:57 pm
problems. this was just an informal get together. the sharks are trailing going into final. 1-nothing. keep your fingers crossed. >>pam: we will see you at 11:00 p.m.. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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